Steam powered tin Puttputt Boats from New Zealand

Putt Putt Boat

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"Welcome Aboard to Captain Puttputt's Website"

Putt Putt Boats
Only NZ$15!
The Puttputt or pop pop boat was first patented in 1891 and has been entertaining both children and adults since then.

This is a great gift for kids and Grandads and all who like real toys that work.

The toy Putt Putt boats are powered by a simple boiler. Two tubes from the boiler extend out the back of the boat into the water. The boiler is heated by a small flame, using vegetable oil as the fuel, which heats the water in the boiler. When the water boils, the steam jets out the back, propelling the boat forward. At this point there is no more water in the boiler, causing a slight drop in pressure which sucks a little water back in and the process repeats itself. It's that simple! Technically this is called a pulse jet motor.

Putt Putt Boat
150mm long x 55mm wide x 70mm high

Real Flame
Real Action
Real Noise

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Dip-er-do II Stunt Planes

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Dip-er-do II
Only NZ$6!